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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 29, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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authorities claim the suspects lied in the u.s. for years, three in our area unnoticed until now and sherri ly has more. >> reporter: the 11th suspect was arrested at an airport in cypress. the court documents describe him as the money man behind the russian spy operation that dates back more than a decade and one of the suspected spies worked at a travel agency in arlington where he never raised suspicion. when president obama met with russian president dmitry medvedev last week, he was aware of the investigation into a deep cover russian spy ring that days later would be busted r. >> and they have been briefed on this a number of times. the president was fully and appropriately informed. >> reporter: the president was asked about the spy ring while speaking to reporters about the economy but refused to answer. the court documents say one of
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the accused spies met with an undercover fbi agent posing as a russian agent, saturday at the corner of h and 10th street northwest blocks first white house. he worked at all russia travel in arlington and spoke several languages. >> anything indicating he was involved in something shady? >> no. >> and -- >> the suspects were encouraged to become americanized. intelligence experts doubt that they are the only ones. >> and russian intelligence activities are high if not higher. >> reporter: two other suspects, an arlington couple who lived in this complex, recurrently moved from seattle and no one there suspected
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anything. >> and they never leaded to -- led me to believe anything. >> reporter: it was an embarrassment and the white house said nothing has changed. >> we have made great progress. >> reporter: the white house said that president obama and medvedev did not discuss this wish issue when they met last week. as for the timing of the arrest? the justice department said that it had to be done now because one of the suspects planned to leave the country. the news edge in d.c. the judge makes a ruling on a case. three men accused of misleading police in the murder of robert wone are not guilty. paul wagner is live with the latest. >> reporter: the judge took an hour to read her 37-page verdict word for word, telling the court she was convinced that the knife at the scene was
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not planted as the government claims and in the same ruling, she didn't believe a defense claim that anp trade trueder killed one robert wone. it's probable in the end, that the government's theory is correct and that they didn't prove it. the judge told the court my verdicts represent my effort to fairly and impartially follow the rule of law. my focus on the difference between moral certainty and evidentiary certainty is in this case is probably cold comfort to those who loved robert wone and wish for some measure of peace and justice and i am ectreatmently sorry for. this, i believe, however, that the reasonable doubt standard is essential, maintaining the criminal justice system as the fair and just system we wish it to be. >> we have watched this for many years now and something here is not right. the behavior of these guys didn't fit the mold of someone you think would be innocence and what did the judge say?
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>> in a ruling, the men displayed a demeanor at odds with what anyone would expect. mr. price was consistently arrogant and unconcerned, flippant, aggressive, self- centered and dismissive and mr. zaborsky, histrionic and tearful and unmotivated to help the detectives solve the murder that occurred in his home. the words and demeanor on the 911 call are the best and at worst, calculated and mr. ward was from the start, distant and detached, unmoved and calm. they spoke to their attorneys and it was no different today. none had anything to say as they left the courthouse and however, the prosecutor made a brief statement. >> we understand and accept the judge's verdict.
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it was thoughtful, well- reasoned and, you know, we can only hope that further evidence continues to come to light that will allow us to move forward in the homicide investigation. >> reporter: he told the court during the trial that prosecutors couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt who killed robert wone and suspect it could have been michael price, jill price's brother. the judge knocked that theory down saying that she didn't believe it. brian? >> none of the defendants were talking today. what about kathy wone, did she say anything? >> no, in fact, she left the courtroom in tears. she then ran down the crime escalators and out the back door. the reporters followed along and asked her to comment. she declined to comment. a source close to the defense said that the cost of defending the three men rose above a million dollars and doesn't end
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there. kathy wonefiled a multimillion wrongful death lawsuit that has been on hold while the criminal case is heard in court, brian. >> reporter: paul wagner, live in the newsroom. you can read the judge's entire order and how she reached the verdict, posted on and click on the link on the home page. a section of route 1 in woodbridge is closed at this hour after a police cruiser was involved in a traffic accident. we have some pictures from the scene, i believe, from sky fox. the accident happened around 5 this evening near bel air road and rue 1. the officer was injured and taken to a local hospital and we know two vehicles were involved. the latest details throughout this half hour and on fox 5 news at 10. the man who killed his girlfriend and her two kids inside their d.c. home has hay a plea. joseph mayes pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder, stabbing erica peters more than 20 times in her home in northeast and killed her young sons. happened in march tape . maez
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lived with the family at the time and will get up to 46 years in prison. >> this mess stopped traffic during the morning rush hour. a truck hauling garbage turned over at the intersect with route 32 in -- intersection with route 32 in columbia. for awhile, cars could get by on the shoulders and the crews shut down the southbound lanes to clean up the mess. no one was hurt in the accident and that was just the beginning of the traffic nightmare for people travelling through montgomery county. traffic signals shut down and lots of patience and people late for work. audrey barnes has more on what went wrong. y that wondering what next. >> reporter: especially after what happened last november, you will recall the county's main traffic computer went down for two days, causing some of the worst traffic this area has ever sign. county transportation officials are hoping that a $35 million overhaul will take care of these keeps of problems once and for all. without power today, the
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transportation officials couldn't synchronize the 800 intersections. one of the hardest-hit areas was route 29 which was getting a lot of bailout traffic from an accident on 95. >> been actually on the road for over an hour now, and so, not only live about -- only live about 15 minutes away from this area on a regular day. it's been bad this morning. >> kind of messed up your whole day? >> yeah, you can say that. >> it's summertime now. the school's out. traffic volumes are lighter than what they are during the regular course of the year. delays were not as bad as what you would experience during a typical non-summer day around the county. >> reporter: the replacement system that they working on has a bunch of backups. this shouldn't happen in the future. 50 intersections that have been switched over to the new system worked just fine this morning. engineers hope to get the 750 others online by the summer of 2012. brian. >> audrey barnes tonight. a big day on capitol hill. the senators talk war and law.
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the confirming a hearings federal general petraeus and elena kagan. still ahead, hear what the general thinks about a timeline for withdrawal of u.s. forces in afghanistan. and day 71, crude oil continues to spill into the gulf. the latest victim of the disaster is a, that banks on the gulf's oyster population. r
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>> war and law. twin confirmation hearings on capitol hill today. first, supreme court nominee elena kagan on the hill and occasionally under fire. like her confirmation hearings, she said she would have no problem with supreme court proceedings being televised. she admitted some of the cases are dull but not all of them. >> a lot of them, the american people should be really concerned about and should be interested in and so i think it would be a great thing for the institution and more important, i think it would be a great thing for the american people. >> the former solicitor general told the senators that she did not restrict military
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recruiting access to harvard's campus while she was dean. she required that they work through a veteran's group. there. another confirmation hearing, a senate committee voted in favor of general pet rateus becoming the next commander of nato forces in afghanistan. today's questions and answers reignited the debate over the strategy in the war. craig bosswell takes us to the hill. >> reporter: general david petraeus testified before a senate panel cohe'snist support for confirming him as the new leader of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan but divided on the july 2011 date president obama set to begin withdrawing u.s. forces. >> that july 2011 date imparts a necessary since error error of urgency to afghan leaders. about the need to take on principle responsibility for their country's security. >> i would argue it's having the opposite effect. it's causing afghan leader to hedge their bets on us. this is not only making the war heard, it's making the war
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longer. >> reporter: general petraeus made it clear he sents the president's decision. >> it's important to note that the president's reminder in recent days that july 2011 will mark the beginning of a process, not the date when the u.s. heads for the exits and turns out the lights. >> reporter: june has been one of the deadliest months in the nearly 9-year-old war. the general warned the fighting will remain difficult. >> it may get more intense the next few months. >> reporter: the general said that he am review the often -- he will review the often- criticized military engagement. should say civilian leadership needs to change in afghanistan, too. >> pastor holebrooke and ikenberi have to g. it's unfortunate general mccrystal had to go but he was not getting their support. >> reporter: the senate armed serves committee voted to support his -- him and send it for another vote. craig bosswell, fox news. they have 12,000 parts, take a year to make and weigh
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over 800 pounds. now, george washington university has not one but 28. still ahead, the news edge on which why this has the university singing. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente,
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>> we're going to tell them! we're going to tell them! >> reporter: librarians are usually known for shushing people. today, they came to washington to make noise. they're pushing congress for more attention to what libraries mean in communities all over the country. today was the last day of the american library association's conference. books. one way to increase your appreciation of the arts, music is another and tonight, music students in george washington university have an amazing gift. not one or two but 28 of the most impressive best-made pianos in the world and as beth parker explains, it's because of a huge donation.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: before you can make beautiful music, you have to do heavy lifting. on a loading dock at george washington university tuesday afternoon, they had to see it to believe it or in this case, hear it to believe it. >> this is overwhelming. inspiring. >> reporter: a donor -- 28 panes on. we thought it was just great. thank you very much. >> these are not any pianos but -- the retail price between 60 and $120,000. sharon is the chair of the department of music. i like to say this is american craft at its best. steinway aurguably the most famous name in pianos. as for the name of the donor, you won't hear. that the donor chose to remain anonymous. and the deaner said that i
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would like to go ahead and find the purchase of a -- grand. eight and would like to find all 80 error error. we like to become an all- steinway school and the donor said i would like to fund that. >> all of it. >> i am perfectly content with that. >> the largest is the -- and enormous grand in the auditorium. the message from the professor, students bitter be resting up over summer break. >> we expect them to practice well enough to come to their lessons and rehearsals well- prepared. >> reporter: they'll be expecting an encore. in soggy bottom, beth parker,
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fox 5 news. and all for you, brian. >> the next several days. going to feel very, very nice and not in june. not going be too bad this evening. we have a lot of sunshine. we are dry, no storms around and temperatures today and with the lower relative humidity humidity, the evening is going to be very, very pleasant. for this evening, the temperatures at 7:00 and 87 degrees and we'll cool down. 80 degrees at 9:00, 76 at -- and today's high temperature was 92 degrees. and that is with the 11th day in a row. over 90 degrees and in the 90s and we have had 18 days so far
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this month. with a temperature of 90 degrees or higher for a high and need a nice run here of more comfortable weather. 92 at dulles; 90 for dulles; 92, national and 92 degrees for bwi marshal. look at the temperatures out there now. 90 degrees and holding here in the city. 88 degrees for dulles and 88 degrees in hagerstown. generally everybody in the upper 80s and lower 90s. again, this is really going to cool down tonight as we finally drop into the 60s for the suburbs. the rain, the thunderstorms and activity push way to the south and there is an area of low pressure to the north of us. this is what is helping to kind of push in the cooler and drier air mass. the circulation around the big area of low pressure reaching up into canada and wring it on down. it's not going show up right away. over the next several days, we'll get a couple of re- enforcing areas of cooler temperatures coming in and tomorrow, 83. for a high.
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this is with pretty amounts of sunshine. friday, 84 and on saturday, we go back up again into the mid- to upper 80s and holiday weekend coming up at us. 91 for july 4th and more humidity. and right now, it's looking like it's going to be dry and we don't have to throw in the chances of thunderstorms like every july 4th. it's dry for now. and for a change. finally much cooler for tomorrow and that high temperature making it to 83 degrees and plenty of sunshine. the nice comfortable run of below-normal weather is sticking around. the impact from the oil spill in the gulf is starting to hit food distributors hard. one of the biggest oyster
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distributors in louisiana has to close. p&j oyster company in new orleans has been in business for 130 years. longer than any other business of its kind in the country. now, they're out of oysters. dave feldman is on deck with the sports edge. a big trade for the washington wizards. find out who is coming to d.c. next.
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>> good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. the washington wizards made another move today, acquiring -- from the new jersey nets and they dealt forward clinton ross for the net and saw an undisclosed amount of cash. he was the number one pick in the 2007 draft by the bucks. the average career highs of 12 points and 7 boards last season and was limited to 51 games because of injury. the move is consistent with the wizard's theme to put a core of young players to together that can build with the future.
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many other teams prefer financial flexibility ahead of free agency. today, the wizards welcome trevor booker and -- to the district. they excel at the defensive end of the court and are expected to add muscle and toughness. something lacking in recent years. both rookie players cause defense. >> and trevor booker, welcome to washington. >> i love defense. i'm not going to back down from anybody. i would rather play defense and that is look a big challenge from me. i don't want anyone to score on me. >> you know, it's a field, somethings that i love to do. and like trevor said, i don't like when people score on me anyway, i will jump as high as i have to to get that ball and everything. >> that is great to see.
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right-hander craig stanmmon was recalled. he was optioned to syracuse on june 6th with a bop-2 record and a 5.43 e.r.a. tennis, anyone, serena williams taking on lee -- and no problems for the top wimbledon champ. and a backhand winner here to claim the first set. serena a winner easily, 7-5, 6- 3. the five-time champ. by 82nd ranked bulgarian who was the lowest-ranked woman left in the draw. she wins the first set 7-5 and the second set more of the same and double faulted five times, committed 29 unforced errors and -- and venus is done. two-time u.s. open champ kim clijsters in out. in south africa, a big matchup between spain and portugal. scoreless in the 63rd minute. spain with great passing and
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david via will prove that insistent -- persistence pays off. it's the only goal of the match. spain moves on to play paya guy in the quarter finals and marcus hagan, hard to believe, but training camp starts july 29th and that is around the corner. >> and thanks. one last look at the forecast. and cooler, too. 83 tomorrow and 81 on thursday friday, 84 and partly cloudy on july 4th, 91 degrees. >> i was going to start drawing pictures for you. pictures >> now you have the news edge. back at 10 with graphics. we promise. 
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